What do you do when people don’t believe in your dreams? Do YOU really believe in your dreams?

Growing up, I want to be a lawyer because I felt I could talk, I wanted to be a musician at some point because I really loved to sing and I was my church’s choir director as a teenager.

The Pastor who conducted my naming ceremony prophesied I was going to be a great pastor. Infact, I was successfully towing that line. At age 7, I had preached my first sermon powerfully to a congregation of over 200 adults in attendance. On campus in varsity, I pastored a church of about 200 regular attendees. But I somehow I let the pastoral mandate pass (lols!)

My immediate elder brother was a strong influence during my early years, so I wanted to be a medical doctor. He tried to dissuade me but resigned when I opted for Physiotherapy (I still don’t know why 😁)

My initial story is relatable to many people but the ones I would share now may not be.

I hope to govern this nation Nigeria in the nearest future to socioeconomic recovery and national transformation. I would love to travel to space in the next decade. I want to sire 1,000,000 people in my lifetime. I want to do all these and more before I die at the ripe old age of 90years.

Are they possible? The answer is a big yes. Are many people thinking this way? The answer is a big NO. Does that make it more possible? I would say an emphatic YES to that!