Multiple Award-winning biographical movie, “The Great Debaters” released in the 2007 Christmas was one of the movies that shaped my early adult years.

It was the quote of James Farmer Sr to his son that has stuck with me until now,

“We do what we have to do so we can do what we want to do”.

James Farmer Sr – in The Great Debaters Movie

For so many people across the globe doing what they have to do to put food on the table of their families. Doing what they have to do to give their children an education. Doing what they have to do to pay the bills, to fuel their passion, to keep hope alive. I admire your courage and tenacity of will.

The essence of a TO DO list is the get them ticked. It is also essential we keep a WISH LIST, to move from the place of doing to being.

A wish list is where life is truly lived, it is the world of our fantasies, it is the Haven of our truest expressions.

“…You might just see
Your dreams unfold
If you make a wish
And plan to see it through…”

culled from the lyrics of the poem JUST BEYOND THE RAINBOW’S END

It was Pablo Picasso who said, “whatever you can imagine is real”.

Refuse to trivialize the invisible and seeming impossible. Do what you must do but give allowance to stretch the boundaries of the possible.

I love to live life on the edge. I don’t like to hear that it cannot be done.

What say you?

quote from great debaters movie